3D Modeling Software

There are a number of software that can be used to create and edit 3d files.

Firstly we should get familiar with formats of files, as this is a good way to understand the process of transforming 3d files (usually called .obj) into files that can be loaded into a 3d printer (called .gcode files.)

3D Software

Different applications will have their respective softwares associated, hence engineering applications tend to use computer aided design software (CAD) such as;

Mixed for beginners and simple creations

Software / DeveloperRatingLevelFreeware/PaidURL
Tinkercad4Easy Freeware Link
Blender3Intermediate Freeware Link
DesignSpark Mechanical2HardFreewareLink
FreeCAD3Intermediate Freeware Link
Sketchup4Easy Free web version Link
Ratings are always 1-5, table presenting the simple 3d modeling software’s recommended

For more precise measurements and engineering leveled parts the following are amounts the most used software’s ranging from intermediate to advanced users.

Software / DeveloperRating Level Freeware/PaidURL
Creo Parametric 4Intermediate Paid Link
Autocad /AutoDesk 3 Intermediate to hard Paid Link
Fusion 360 /AutoDesk 5Easy to intermediate Paid Link
Solidworks /Dassault Systèmes4 Intermediate Paid Link
Ratings are always 1-5, table presenting advanced engineering level 3d modeling software

For animators, artist’s and so forth which are aimed at not focusing on the measurements or gemorty of things and are looking for more freedom in terms of sculpting there the following software will prove useful.

Software / Developer Rating Level Freeware/Paid URL
Maya /AutoDesk 4 Intermediate Paid Link
3DS Max /AutoDesk 3 Intermediate to hard Paid Link
Inventor /AutoDesk4 Intermediate Paid Link
ZBrush /Pixologic3 Intermediate Paid Link
Ratings are always 1-5, table presenting the artistic/freeform 3d modeling software’s recommended


Please refer to printing wiki to see the recommended slicers available

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