Slicer and 3D Hosts Softwares

3D software slicers are used to convert 3D files from 3D modeling software’s into .gcode that the printer can understand.

This is also the time to select details that the printer would be able to modify about the print itself.


This would be the time to take the opportunity to understand some of the settings your printer has in order to configure them properly in the slicers.

Cura4Intermediate FreewareLink
Simplify 3D5 Intermediate Paid Link
Slic3r3Easy Freeware Link
Repetier2 Easy (outdated)Freeware Link
Ratings are always 1-5, table presenting the current slicers recommended


Hosts allow printers to behave in a network, most functions are automated by the software to permit large amounts of jobs to be queued and then the host software distributed and manages the machines status .

3D Printer OS3 Intermediate Paid Link
Ratings are always 1-5, table presenting the current 3D printer hosts recommended

Slicer settings

(click on some of the items bellow to learn more):

  • Infill
  • Layer thickness
  • Supports
  • Printing Speed
  • Temperatures (Nozzle/Bed)
  • Fan Speeds
  • Adhesion (Brim/Raft)

Those are only some of the options that one would want to adjust to affect the prints overall quality in terms of resolution and strength/weight and so on.

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