Frequently Asked Questions

What can i print?

Virtually anything you can make a 3D file for! Design anything to fit your needs, be careful with measurements and be precise.

Why is there such a long waiting list?

We are backlogged with an overflow of users during the pandemic. Users no longer have access to printers such as students, researchers, hobbits and designers. However we are doing everything we can to restore waiting times

What 3D printing services do you offer?

We can assist anyone in need of fabricating something so odd that you wont be able to get it anywhere else. From emergency spare parts to custom gift vases, we can printing it for you

How do my items get shipped ?

After printing the parts are treated and coated (if specified), they are then wrapped and packaged and shipped every morning Monday-Friday

How long does it take?

It depends on a number of factors, size, shape, material. Where we have to ship it and how we have to ship it. But usually 4-6 days, check shipping section for more details

What countries do you ship too?

We are expanding every day by adding more courier services to our network as well as new printers from around the globe!

What are my limits ?

Well there are some rules to follow when it comes to 3D printing, how ever these can be by passed dependency on supports. What are supports ? They allow parts to be printed by defying gravity by building a structure underneath the print to support it even before it is synthesized


Bring Together Best Of Both Worlds

Expanding chain of print farms lets us find the best solutions for your type of print. 3dprinteu.com wants to link the designers with the print enthusiasts to be able combine the best of both worlds